Statewide Concrete

About Statewide Concrete Industries

Statewide Concrete Industries takes pride in the reputation we have achieved over the past 25 years, which has been built solely on delivering quality projects on time and to the satisfaction of all our clients.

Over the years, we have witnessed significant changes within the industry, and have strived to keep pace with the ever changing technology by investing heavily in, and constantly upgrading, both our machinery and placement techniques – to ensure we always deliver the best product possible.

All employees and nominated subcontractors engaged by this company are fully protected by the required workers compensation and public liability insurances, and all work practices are carried out strictly in accordance with OHS & WorkCover NSW.

Statewide Concrete Industries has a registered EBA and has enjoyed industrial harmony on all its sites for many years by working with all employer and industrial groups.

The company owns and maintains its own plant and equipment, inclusive of 3 concrete boom pumps, 2 Somero laser screeds, numerous ride on trowel machines, bobcats and trucks.

We have witnessed the benchmark for quality being raised over the years, and pride ourselves for setting many of these standards, which now, other contractors strive to follow.

Management has always been passionate about its reputation and quality of work, and are constantly analysing all projects on a regular basis looking for any avenues for further improvement.

We now have a younger generation coming through our ranks, many of whom have gained their experience with this company over the many years, and with this renewed enthusiasm and vigour, they are ready to take Statewide Concrete Industries to the next level for many years to come.